Qatar officials: Saudi chicken safe from Salmonella

Apr 02 2019

Responding to concerns about contaminated poultry on social media, health officials in Qatar have announced that Al-Watania chicken is safe to consume.


In a tweet this weekend, the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) said that the Saudi brand’s poultry is not contaminated with salmonella, and that such rumors date back to 2013.


It added that any food imported into Qatar is examined in a laboratory to ensure it is safe to eat.

Additionally, the company that produces Al-Watania Chicken has said that “it was mixed up with another company from the same country whose products were destroyed for being expired,” MOPH said.


Currently, 7.7 percent of Qatar’s fresh and frozen chicken comes from within the country.


But the rest is imported from other nations, according to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.

This dependence on the global market has caused occasional shortages of fresh chicken in Qatar, including early last year.


The country is now planning to open a new complex that would raise domestic production to 46 percent.