Source of Salmonella for pasture hens

May 14 2018

A recent article in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association * noted the high prevalence rate of Salmonella enterica in reptiles surveyed at the Bronx Zoo.  Salmonella Diarizonae was recovered from 24 percent of a wide range of 78 snakes in the collection.

This observation was a reminder of a late 1980s case of salmonellosis caused by S. Arizonae in the reproductive tract of ostriches on pasture in Texas.  In various parts of the U.S. where snakes, lizards and tortoises occur on the same acreage as pastured hens, it should be expected that foraging will result in infection with possible flock health or zoonotic implications. 


*Clancy M.M. et al Salmonella Infection and Carriage in Reptiles in a Zoological Collection. JAVMA.248:1050-1059

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