In addition to the comprehensive portfolio of Salmonella vaccines, Elanco offers the Salmonella 360 platform, which provides an integrated approach oriented to extend the prevention of Salmonella throughout the production chain.

As food-production systems around the world evolve, the poultry meat and egg industries must move toward total-management systems where addressing food safety is imperative. Salmonella 360 brings its customers a full-service, science-based, proactive approach to food safety through food-safety technologies, analytics and diagnostics. This platform is supported by ongoing customized service and food-safety expertise.

The Salmonella 360 platform enables customers to benchmark their operation using a statistical model to enable packers and processors to effectively manage their pathogen control systems:

  • Analyses and compares microbiological data against industry standards.

  • Determines common characteristics of plants that consistently have low bacterial levels.

  • Identifies factors that predispose a plant to higher or lower pathogen levels.

  • Uses Systems Process Control to identify potential sources and factors which impact on the variability of pathogen levels.

  • Helps plant owners analyse both pathogen data and operational processes so that they can more effectively manage their total pathogen control system.

  • Defines correlations between operational variables and trim positive rates.


To check the scope of the Salmonella 360 platform in your country please ask your local Elanco representative. 


Global Antimicrobial Policy

As a company dedicated to animal health, Elanco recognizes our ethical obligation to help veterinarians and farmers responsibly use antimicrobials — including antibiotics — when treating animals. Our purpose is to protect the health of both humans and animals, while also guarding the safety of food.

Our global policy is designed to enable continued, responsible antimicrobial use while protecting the long-term viability of antimicrobial products for human and animal health. The policy also provides direction for how we will support market access for meat and dairy products derived from animals treated with antibiotics, ultimately enabling free trade and food security for a growing world.



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