The starting point for Salmonella awareness took place in the United Kingdom almost three decades ago when Edwina Currie, a junior Health Minister, announced to 10 million television viewers that "most of the egg production in this country, sadly, is now affected with Salmonella". Ms. Currie meant to say "egg production flocks" but it was interpreted that most eggs were affected. The sentence provoked outrage in poultry producers: gg sales in the UK plummeted by 60%. The loss of revenue forced farmers to slaughter four million hens and destroy 400 million unwanted eggs (Independent, 2006).

Since this event in 1988, Elanco has dedicated multiple efforts in creating leading partnerships and developing innovative technologies for Salmonella prevention and control. This consistent innovative approach has actively supported the success of the national control programs in the most demanding markets worldwide. From the very beginning of Salmonella awareness until the present date, Elanco has always been a trustworthy partner for the meat and egg industries when it comes to comprehensive approaches for the prevention and control of the infection.